Joe Montemayor Ready to Challenge the GOP for HD-127

Joe Montemayor Files for Texas House-District 127

Joe Montemayor announces that he will make a second run for the Texas House of Representatives, District 127.  Montemayor is seeking the open seat after the retirement of Joe Crabb.  Montemayor is the only Democrat in the running and will challenge one of the four Republicans currently battling for the GOP nomination.

“I had higher hopes for the next generation of Republican candidates,” said the retired immigration agent, “but all they are offering is the next generation of Joe Crabb politics, rather than taking responsibility for their Party’s shortcomings on education funding, children’s health care, and small business growth.”

Montemayor cites the current Republican candidates’ platforms, which include scare tactics on voter fraud, immigration, and what Republicans call “Obamacare” as examples of a “tired old party” using the same failed playbook.

“These candidates want to scare voters, while the voters expect action,” said Montemayor, adding, “I will provide the voters a clear choice supportive of increased educational funding for K-12 and community colleges; real criminal justice reform that keeps us safe; and increased access to CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) for low-income and struggling middle class families hit by the current economy.”  Montemayor is also calling for a jobs creation program that includes public-private partnerships to train out-of-work Texans for the jobs of the future.

“There is no doubt that the economy has taken a toll on our ability to raise revenue,” said Montemayor, “And it will take leadership in the Texas House to cut waste from the budget and decrease the property tax burden on Texans.  Instead of bowing down to special interests, I intend to be an independent legislator who puts the needs of District 127 first.”

Montemayor, a native of Houston’s Denver Harbor neighborhood, is a Vietnam-era veteran of the U.S. Navy.  He retired after 25 years of service to the nation as an immigration and deportation agent with the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  Montemayor is a small business owner who resides in Crosby, TX with his wife of 29 years, Noemi.  They have three adult children and five grandchildren.

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