Khan Withdraws from Treasurer’s Race

After much thought and evaluation, Chad Khan made the decision to withdraw from seeking the Democratic nomination for County Treasurer.  Expecting what could have been an expensive, even possibly contentious, race, Khan put first the Party to which he has put forth much effort as a candidate, activist and fundraiser and decided that there should only be one target in 2010–the Republican incumbent in the race.

Chad Khan now offers his support to Billy Briscoe, the Democrat who will face GOPer Orlando Sanchez.

I have known Chad Khan since 2005 and have worked on his campaigns for Texas House-126 as a volunteer advisor and activist.  Khan has done what few Democrats even attempt–increase Democratic numbers in a “red” district.  Without Democrats like Chad Khan this political party is nothing.

I would like to thank Chad Khan for the opportunity to once again help him out.  We got a workable website and social media presence going in no-time, and I am quite proud of that.

I will say this about Billy Briscoe:  He will be a great candidate for County Treasurer and in a couple of meetings with him I think it is pretty obvious that he and I are on the same page on most things.  So, I look forward to giving him my full support.

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