Linda Chavez-Thompson for Lt. Gov.

When I first heard of this possibility I had this flashback to my days at Southwest Texas State University.  Me and my friend Ray Hernandez put together something called the “Images of Women Leadership Conference.”  (Yes, two guys laid the groundwork for this!)  One of our keynote speakers was none other than Labor leader Linda Chavez-Thompson who not only gave a firey, moving speech, she also ended up serving as a role model for many young women who participated in the conference.  Now, she’s running for Lt. Governor and I expect her to be just as firey, moving, and motivational.  Here’s her statement:

Today, Linda Chavez-Thompson issued the following statement when she formally filed as a Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

“As a young girl, I worked with my family in the West Texas cotton fields from dawn until dusk. Today, I’m proud to stand here with my family to ask Texans for their support for our campaign to be the next Lt. Governor of Texas.

“I know I’ll be an underdog against a Lt. Governor who’s a comfortable millionaire, but most Texans aren’t millionaires either, and it’s time they had a voice in our State Capitol.

“I know what it’s like to work hard for long hours and I understand the sacrifices millions of Texans make every day to support their families in hard times. Those Texans keep going because they want to provide a better future for their families.

“I’m running for Lt. Governor because it’s time we had new leaders in state government who work as hard for us as we work for our families.

“Working Texans are paying the price for Republican ‘politics as usual’ in Austin, and it’s time to get our priorities straight.

“The rising cost of college tuition has doubled at some campuses and Texans pay more for insurance and utilities than anyone in the country.

“We can’t have a healthy economy without well-educated, healthy citizens, and it’s time for new leaders who understand that is our highest priority.

“In 2010, every child should have the educational opportunity that I didn’t have, and Texans who work hard for a living should be able to take their kids to see a doctor without waiting for hours in an emergency room.

“I’ve worked hard all my life to overcome long odds and succeed, and I know Texans have the skill and the will to meet any challenge.

“With hard work and the right priorities we can do better. For the sake of our families and the future of this great state we love, we must do better. When I’m Lieutenant Governor, we will do better.”

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