DC Endorses: The 2010 Democratic Dream Team

DosCentavos.net is proud to endorse:

Harris County Courts:

248th Criminal District Court:  Jim Sullivan

113th Civil District Court:  Jerome Fjeld

157th Civil District Court:  Chuck Silverman

189th Civil District Court:  Larry Hinojosa

190th Civil District Court:  Olan Boudreaux

234th Civil District Court:  Nile Copeland

270th Civil District Court:  Charles Spain & Lee Arellano

281st Civil District Court:  Juliet Kathy Stipeche

295th Civil District Court:  Paul Simon

247th Family District Court:  Mary Kay Green

308th Family District Court:  Julia Maldonado

310th Family District Court:  Judy Dougherty

311th Family District Court:  Damiane Curvey Banieh

313th Juvenile District Court:  Marc Isenberg

314th Juvenile District Court:  David Longoria

315th Juvenile District Court:  Keith Branch

Civil County Court at Law #1:  Steve Reilley

Civil County Court at Law #2:  Damian LaCroix

Civil County Court at Law #3:  Javier Valenzuela

County Criminal Court at Law #9:  Silvia Pubchara-Munoz

County Criminal Court at Law #10:  Grant Hardeway

County Criminal Court at Law #12:  Robert “Bob” Cardenas

County Criminal Court at Law #13:  Dennis Slate

County Probate Court #2:  Joellen Snow

County Probate Court #3:  Mary Galligan

Justice of the Peace Pct. 3-2:  Don Coffey

Precinct Chairs

Precinct 1 Chair:  C. Patrick McIlvain

Precinct 39 Chair:  Victor M. Castillo

Precinct 601 Chair:  Jenny Zhan (Khan)


Governor:  Bill White (Since December 4th)

Lt. Governor:  Linda Chavez-Thompson

Land Commissioner:  Hector Uribe

Railroad Commissioner:  Jeff Weems

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