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On to Cristal…

DosCentavos will be heading down to Cristal to celebrate the life of my beloved Great Uncle Pete Teran today.  I’d like to thank all my family, friends, and readers who have sent their condolences, thoughts and prayers to the Teran Family and all of the extensions of the family.


Sure, politics is that seasonal game we all play and we are deep in it at the moment with a little over a month ’til the Democratic Primaries.  There’s no doubt that we’ve seen some nastiness at some of these endorsement screenings–nothing new, really.  Some of this stuff would definitely make for some blog-based soap opera material, but ¿pa’ que?  This week’s events put a lot of things in perspective and a new commitment to simply getting the job done and winning some elections in a few weeks.

Dems to Debate!

Looks like the Debate is on between Bill White and Farouk Shami for Feb. 8.  Considering Shami has been making all sorts of progressive pronouncements, I look forward to seeing the responses from White.  A noted pragmatic centrist, White puts a lot of thought into policies.  Ultimately, it’s not about who talks pretty on the issues we want, but about who is best able to push through policies that are good for Texans in what is a deeply divided Texas Legislature.  For me, that candidate is Bill White.  But let’s debate, anyway.

Tejano Back on the Spotlight for Los Grammys–the Real Ones!

Yes, even though the HoustonRodeo has once again ignored La Onda Chicana (Tejano music), the Grammys continues to celebrate it–probably more than the Latin Grammys, but that’s just me.   2010s nominees has an SA Cast (YouTube links to songs):  Sunny Sauceda y Todo Eso; Stefani Montiel; DC-Favorite, Los Texmaniacs; The Voice-Jay Perez; and legendary Saxman Joe Posada.  Los Texmaniacs’ Borders y Bailes is a compilation of Mexican standards produced by the good folks at the Smithsonian.

More Later…

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