Pct. Convention Resolution on CIR

I’ll be submitting this particular resolution on comprehensive immigration reform.  Frankly, I am tired of the Democratic Party trying to sound tough on the issue when the Obama administration has continued to support punitive measures, rather than get anything substantive done on the broken system itself.  Funding for the wall is there, there is more funding for agents on the border than ever…bottom line, it is time for the Party to support the rest of the comprehensive immigration reform puzzle.


Supporting Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Precinct #__________

Senate District #_______

_____________ County, Texas

WHEREAS, the Texas Democratic Party believes that immigration has helped build Texas and the United States of America, and

WHEREAS, the Texas economy has benefited from immigrants since its founding, and

WHEREAS, the Texas Democratic Party believes that immigration reform must be approached in a comprehensive and realistic way, and

WHEREAS, the current population of undocumented workers who pay taxes and make positive contributions to Texas communities must have a path to legalization and documentation, and

WHEREAS, current “enforcement-only” policies have failed, have contributed to family separation and economic turmoil, and have negatively affected the Texas economy, and

WHEREAS, the current immigration system and process is broken, backlogged, and underfunded,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Texas Democratic Party fully supports comprehensive immigration reform which includes a path to legalization and documentation and reform of the immigration process.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that enforcement of federal and state workplace standards is a priority and must be accompanied by adequate funding for, and reform of, the immigration process, and a path to legalization and documentation.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Texas Democratic Party urges the Texas U.S. Congressional delegation to support comprehensive immigration reform as discussed in this resolution.

Progressive Action Alliance has an awesome one, but it could take forever to read it at SD convention.  Then again, I don’t mind fighting it out.

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