It Was The Best of Times…

…and it continues to be.

The DosCentavos judicial scorecard ended up as 10 wins, 14 losses and two run-offs.

One of DCs favorite victories is that of Mary Kay Green. I’ve been a fan and supporter (and now web-guy) of MKG’s for a long time and I’m glad she overcame some “major endorsements” of the other guy to become our November candidate.

Although I had some stinging losses, I must say that the worse is that of my friend (and now adopted Medellin Cartel member) Juliet Kathy Stipeche.  Over the last year, I’ve come to know Kathy as someone with a huge heart, a huge brain, and someone who has enjoyed giving of herself.  I personally want to thank her for being a great candidate and friend.  There’s no doubt that the political bug has bitten her and that she will continue to be of service to the community.

To my friends Nile Copeland and Javier Valenzuela (how do these people end up adopted by the Cartel??), I thank them for running good campaigns with the best of intentions in mind.  And I even made a new friend in Larry Hinojosa–an accomplished attorney who I hope will continue to stick around, giving of himself to the good guys.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how good a person one is, what matters most is the pandering, the connections, etc.  And it really sucks. Pero hay que seguir adelante, right?

To another adoptee, Steve Reilley, a Facebook chat with him last night gave me some consolation. He’s a great guy who I know will continue to work hard for Democrats.

And then we come to the two run-offs.  It’s safe to say that a majority of voters did not want the top vote-getters in the 270th and the 308th and I am proud to fully support Lee Arellano and Julia Maldonado, respectively.  I’ll have much more to say about these two candidates during the next month.

There’s one other run-off between a Kingwood neighbor and an establishment-supported candidate.  Let’s get this out of the way:  BOTH have voted in Republican primaries.  Now, let’s have a race about picking the best judge, rather than picking nits about who voted more or less in Democratic primaries.

The run-offs are a whole new ballgame with a whole new universe.  And I’m looking forward to the battles.

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