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Today was a travel day, so I thought I’d share an episode in my life which I covered on my Facebook and received much activity.  Enjoy!

Stace Medellin …So, I’m cleaning out the back of my SUV and some white lady walks toward us from her car to give us some religious literature. My sis says “Good Morning,” and the lady responds, “Good Morning, I just wanted to give you some good reading and obviously you speak English very well” and hands us the English version of the literature. Well golly gosh gee, ma’am, I wanted to say…


…I was too speechless from the shock.
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Way to learn the English language primos!
lol Just do it man, stop biting your tongue.
And we are very forgiving of ignorance and rudeness too. My haven’t We assimilated nicely. Don’t let it get to you primo!
At least she didn’t try to hire you. When u lived in Pearland a lady drove up to me while I was cutting my grass and offered me a job to cut her grass. She said in broken Spanish … Cuanto corta grass???

That drives me crazy…I always ask “why wouldn’t I?” and most get embarassed when they realize has racist they sounded

now on the other hand… why did you point out that it was a “white lady”… why didn’t you say some lady came walking up?

there is no such thing as reverse discrimination… discrimination is discrimination no matter who is doing it, lol


Good Lord…help us all!!! ***snickers*** the most ironic part is that it was more than likely Christian literature…
El Hector

Stace, you do speak good English though, I mean except for the occasional misplaced pronoun and the ever present dangling participles, you have the King’s English down pat. Kudos my friend.

I don’t know which is worse, Anglos thinking you don’t speak English or Latinos thinking you don’t speak Spanish
: (

What’s worse is anyone assuming that you are what you look like and nothing more, as if your substinance doesn”t matter regardless of your ethnicity!
Big Jim

To take that a step further, my wife gets offended when Latinos who speak Spanish pretend to the contrary that they do not as if they are looking down on Latinos who speak Spanish.
The reality is that children who learn 2 or more languages from a young age have the ability to do much better in school because they are using more of their brains. This additional brain development carries over into many other areas. Like many things in life, if you don’t use it, you lose it. It is so much more difficult to learn a second language in middle school or high school, and especially college, than as a young child.

I worked a campaign in Boston and one of the senior staff said, “You don’t have an accent!” and I replied, “Neither do you.” She was very taken back and asked, “Where are you from?” to which I responded, “North America.” I just love answering absurdity with reason and logic.

See Stace, that’s what I meant by not biting your tongue. Lisa, I’m with ya on that! 😉

At least you didn’t get stuck in an airplane with her sitting next to you the whole way… that happen to me once. Crazy old bat, hahaha! Next time, bust out with some Old English or something like that… (and I’m not talkin about the one in the bottle, hehehe…)

When I ran for city council I knew that I wasn’t getting a white persons vote when they said, “You speak good.” or, ” You don’t speak with an accent.” Yes, that really happened. I felt like correcting them and by also telling them,”U liky the speechee you son of a beetche.” But instead I would just tell them that my family had the border cross us. In the words of the anonymous sloganeer, “Who you calling immigrant, Pilgrim!”
El Hector

Sometimes I just reply, “unfortunately.”

To be Hispanic in Texas you have to be very tolerant with people. The Americano expects you to know about the 4th of July, who George Washington was and to speak English: the Latinos expect you to know what the 16th of September is, who Benito Juarez was and to speak Spanish. As an American citizen, Vietnam Vet and a person that has fought for civil right I find it sad that we still face this racial division in our community. A community of over 126 different nationalities, that is why I pray that God grants us all a little patient with each other.
El Primo

Good point..Joe!!!!
Kwd Couple

Bruce Menke – When I was in college, I went to the library. The librarian said, Don’t tell me! I think I can tell from listening to you what country your are from”. Uh?
I know the feeling I called Verizon wireless and the rep says, “Your Last name is Rodriguez? May I service you in English?’ I was like, “Unless you think you can service me in Spanish.” That through her for a loop, and here’s the kicker…she had an Indian/Middle Eastern Accent. Hmmmm….
What a day!  I love my peeps–of all languages and colors!

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