County Bites–Dynamo Get Their Stadium…

If all goes as planned, the Dynamo will have a stadium in Downtown Houston by 2012. What somehow became a major issue in the 2009 mayoral election, although it seems there was support all around for the facility, seems to be moving toward becoming a reality.

If you all recall, then candidate-Parker was accused of not supporting Dynamo Stadium, but in reality, the County had not yet agreed to throw in their share of the deal.

The city of Houston and Harris County have struck a potential deal on a new stadium for the Houston Dynamo and Texas Southern University’s football team, agreeing to jointly pay for $20 million in infrastructure upgrades if the soccer team follows through with a commitment to foot the bill for the $60 million stadium construction costs.

So, I guess the ball will be on the Dynamo’s side of the field.

I guess the only question left is:  Do we get a Hispanic Museum, too?

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