VOTE! Early Voting is NOW!

…and lasts thru Friday, 7AM to 7PM.  No weekend voting, just this week and then election day on April 13th.

Early Voting Locations here.

The DC Run-Off Endorsements:

Julia Maldonado – 308th Family District Court.  A proven attorney for over a decade, Julia is an in the trenches type of lawyer, always fighting for the families she represents.  She’s strong, decisive, and will add some much needed diversity to the court.  Julia earned the nod from 3rd place finisher Porfirio Diaz, and she has the support of countless community organizations.

Lee Arellano – 270th Civil District Court.  With almost 30 years of experience, one would think that qualifies him. In reality, it’s a lot more about the fight a lawyer has than the years he has put in.  Lee Arellano has paid his dues as an attorney and mediator, and as a activist helping others get elected.  He deserves your vote and support.

Jim Peacock – 234th Civil District Court.  I think Jim is just as qualified as his opponent, Tanner Garth. Jim has been a tireless fighter for his clients and he has also fought the good fight on some pertinent civil rights cases. I think he deserves your consideration. Above all else, Jim has the judicial temperament to serve all who enter the court.

Deborah Wright – 311th Family District Court.  Continuing on the need for diversity and women on the court, I believe Wright has what it takes to be an effective judge.

Ultimately, I have decided to support the most qualified, but more importantly, I have decided not to take orders from a law-firm led “Coalition”.

Whenever a law firm puts up hundreds of thousands of dollars to support a slate of candidates in the name of “elected officials” who put up all of $25 each into this “elected official” PAC, I believe our democracy and our courts are at risk.  And our courts should not be for sale!

Let the voters decide!

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