There’s Hostility and then…

A group calling itself Harris County 2010 sent out a pretty weak e-mail yesterday regarding the GOPs lack of Latinos on their ballot.  In the process, they took credit for the Democrats having more.  Well, after the run-off, not so much.

Despite Bettencourt’s claims, here are the facts. Of the 15 Hispanic Republican candidates facing one or more non-Hispanic opponents, only one was victorious. On the Democratic side there were 19 races with same criteria, in which seven Hispanic Democrats won and three are on the ballot in today’s runoff.  Even more telling is the number of races where a Hispanic candidate ran without opponents or against another Hispanic – only five on the Republican side and 21 on the Democratic ballot, more than quadruple the number the Republicans had.

First of all, the silliness:  They included precinct chairs.  Sure, they are elected officials, but c’mon!  How about in the meat of the ballot for November? Precinct Chairs are not on the ballot in November, remember?

Who’s Latino? And apparently, the Democrats are just fine with surname, rather than actual identity as a couple of the names listed do no identify as Latinos.

Thirdly, it looks like ALL of the surnamed and identity Latinos lost yesterday.

Finally, they list Hector Uribe and Linda Chavez-Thompson who actually lost in Harris County.

So, what was the purpose of this message?  After yesterday, that message is moot.  And really, Bettencourt wasn’t all that wrong, unfortunately.

It didn’t help that the Latino surnamed and identified folks didn’t even get the support of the elected officials, the GLBT, and other popular groups.

So, c’mon.  If we are going to win in November, and if we are going to bring out the Latino vote, we need to do a lot better than this.

Republicans are hostile toward Latinos by shear policy pronouncements. Say that, Harris County 2010.  Don’t play with numbers that just don’t compute.

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