My Water Bill Is Going Up!

After some of our Councilmembers ensured some equity in the increase in our water bill, I guess I must support it.  What’s more important is the reason behind the increase:  We had to catch up to the actual cost of services.

“It’s important that we take this system and make it a more equitable system,” said Councilman Edward Gonzalez, who successfully pushed for increases that would force all users – single-family, apartment and commercial – to pay what it costs for the city to provide water and sewer service. “It’s really critical for the long term sustainability for our water system.”

Gonzalez warned that the city risked having its debt downgraded if it continued to run multi-million dollar deficits in the system, including a $102 million shortfall this fiscal year.

Avoiding small increases can sometimes bite you in hind side and then this happens.  So, let’s get the increase out of our system and invest in updates to the system.  As consumers (especially corporate ones), we should be more mindful about using less of this resource as a means of controlling costs.

Kuff as more on the lawsuit that will surely come up because of revenue cap propositions passed a few years ago.  Leave it to right-wingers who whine and moan about government being required to pay for what’s needed, yet giving us a law that basically blocks government from doing so.

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