Dem. Rep. Coleman: AZ Bill Draconian

Thanks to Katherine at BOR for posting Rep. Garnet Coleman’s response to Arizona law.

This bill is reminiscent of dark times in our country’s history when people were targeted based on the color of their skin.  With the stroke of her pen, Governor Brewer has mandated racial profiling.  The citizenship of Americans who have lived in Arizona for generations will be questioned based on their appearance.

Instead of focusing on stopping crime, Arizona police officers will be forced to sweep up students, gardeners and nannies who have committed no crimes.  Immigrants who witness crimes will be too afraid to report them, therefore turning immigrant communities into safe havens for criminals.

It’s unfortunate that the Republican party continues to use this community as scapegoats to rally parts of their base. This is bad public policy that no state should mirror.  I’m thankful that responsible legislators and people of good will at the federal level are taking a hard look at this issue, and I encourage them to pass a sensible comprehensive immigration reform bill as soon as possible.

I trust Rep. Coleman to continue fighting in Austin against the biannual rash of anti-Latino and anti-immigrant bills that continually threaten educational opportunities for immigrant students.

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