Gavin Newsom Next Big City Mayor to Blast Arizona

While we await a stronger response from Houston Mayor Annise Parker, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has joined New York City Mayor Bloomberg in blasting Arizona for their new racial profiling law. Newsom has called for a ban of all City-related travel to Arizona.

The moratorium is effective immediately as the mayor and others are considering an official city boycott of the state and take steps “to develop a smart and effect boycott that sends the appropriate message to Arizona while protecting the city’s financial interests,” Newsom said in a prepared statement.

And it’s not all talk.  Newsom is putting his words into action.

In order to work out details regarding the extent of such a boycott, Newsom announced the formation of the Arizona Boycott Workgroup, which brings together the city controller, purchaser and treasurer along with members of the city attorney’s office, among others.

Meanwhile, my friend Kuff has some tips on how to put pressure on local sports teams to continue a growing trend against Arizona sports teams, major sporting events in Arizona, etc.  What is bad for Arizona could be good for Texas and Houston, but we need a show of leadership.

Along with Kuff’s sports contacts, I would also suggest contacting Mayor Parker’s office to request a stronger response to Arizona similar to that of Bloomberg and Newsom.


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