May 1: A Valuable Civics Lesson

The State of Arizona and the Republicans continue to prove that being on the far-right is not enough unless they actually target whole groups of people–Americans.  It is not enough that they want to pick up undocumented folks, they also want to pick up people who “look” undocumented–the definition of that still up in the air and up to individual cops, apparently. They go so far as to targeting the children of immigrants, demanding a change in the Constitution that blocks any child of an immigrant born an American from rights afforded to Americans.

Although there has been some legislative defense (and not much CIR offense), the bottom line is that it is the people who are fighting back.  Although a diverse group of people fight back, theyhad not been as diverse as those involved in the marches and other actions around the U.S. this weekend.  What was most important in sending a message to Congress, President Obama and the Republicans attackers was the fact that, ultimately, this is about the future of America–the kids.

At all of the marches, it was the messages sent by children that were most powerful, whether they held signs and marched, or showed an interest in politics by taking a pic with an Obama cut-out.  The interest is there, the importance of self-determination is evident, and this is what is scariest to those who attack Latinos–at the border, in the halls of leadership, and through the ballot box.

So, it becomes even more important to educate the next generation of Americans on why we march and why we vote.  More importantly, educating the next (and current) generation of voters about the importance of the power they hold  in the tip of the finger they use to “cast ballot.”

It is equally important that our elected leaders and decision-makers take a stand against Arizona’s racial profiling law.  We have heard from the Mayors of Phoenix, San Francisco, San Antonio, and other major cities.  But we have yet to hear from Houston. It is time to act, Mayor Parker!  These kids are watching.

Photos Courtesy of:  FIEL Houston,, and Lucia M.A.G.

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