Radnofsky Responds To Abbott, Perry Defense of BP

Current Attorney General Greg Abbott and Current Texas Governor Rick Perry have been defending BP lately after the destructive oil spill that is endangering the Gulf Coast.  Democratic Candidate for Attorney General Barbara Ann Radnofsky had this response:

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott announced today at a press conference that BP has made “all the right actions and all the right comments” but that the Attorney General’s office would be watching to “ensure that BP’s action lives up to its current words.” Governor Rick Perry was quoted as saying of the oil spill: “From time to time there are going to be things that occur that are acts of God that cannot be prevented.”

Barbara Ann Radnofsky, 2010 Democratic nominee for Texas Attorney General,  responded: “Our state’s chief executives are tripping over themselves rationalizing BP’s actions.  The jury is out on whether BP has taken ‘all the right actions,’ as Mr. Abbott claims. BP certainly has not been accurate in its statements.”


“BP was wrong in its environmental impact claims that it could handle a spill even larger than what’s occurring,” Radnofsky continued. “It’s bad lawyering for Texas’ chief legal officer to claim  that BP made ‘all the right actions and all the right comments’. Texans can expect that incorrect statement to appear in the defense of BP in future litigation.”

Texas needs B.A.R.!

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