Let’s “Begin” the Debate, Mr. President?

“I want to begin work this year, and I want Democrats and Republicans to work with me,” said President Obama.

That was President Obama’s announcement on Cinco de Mayo at the White House yesterday.


Obviously, he noticed Arizona run afoul of the Constitution. Obviously, he noticed over 250,000 souls marched on Washington, D.C., and I really hope he noticed over half-a-million march and protest this past weekend across the U.S.; that’s if Rahm Emanuel didn’t take away his TV privileges.

Obviously, us pro-Migrant folks have been in this battle discussion for a long while, and it is pretty evident that Arizona and the wing-nuts have never stopped attacking. So, let me just say that the President’s “surprise” announcement didn’t really give me the warm and fuzzies on Cinco de Mayo.

I mean, really, what does “this year” mean? While some of us want May 6, 2010, he may mean December 31, or worse, November 3 (the day after the election).

In an interview on CNN, Congressman Luis Gutierrez expressed his dismay at the President’s non-announcement of a move toward CIR.

“I wish he would fight.”

Here’s Your Apology, JD!

Meanwhile, John McCain’s nightmarish opponent, JD Hayworth now wants an apology from the Phoenix Suns for smacking the state of Arizona around with their “Los Suns” jerseys.

On behalf of DosCentavos.net, here’s my apology to JD Hayworth.


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