Houston Pro-Migrant Groups Slam KHOU

There is little doubt in the pro-Migrant and progressive community that the May 1st rallies and activities around the state served as a major rallying call to support comprehensive immigration reform. Unfortunately, news stations and organizations have chosen to not provide much coverage on the pro-Migrant side of the issue, instead choosing to highlight the few Minuteman wannabes and right-wing-nuts that “counter-protest” across the street.

A large group of community organizations in Houston has taken KHOU to task, not only for their lack of coverage of CIR, but also for the way they portrayed the May 1 action as an “illegal immigration rally.”

I was out of town, but did watch reports online and was greatly disappointed and angered by the portrayal and La Raza Justice Movement and nineteen other organizations have responded.

Description: Twenty community organizations endorse a letter to KHOU condemning its coverage as biased and condemning its description of May Day as an “illegal immigration march”

La Raza Justice Movement (LRJM), CRECEN, Alianza Mexicana, America for All and more than a dozen other groups endorsed a letter yesterday, condemning KHOU’s what they perceived as a lack of coverage on the issue of immigration over the past several months.

In the letter, the coalition condemns the use of the term illegal immigrant:

“This term speaks nothing of the contributions of migrants and places the onus for civil immigration infractions on the workers.  The term dismisses millions in wages that corporations have saved by being the main benefactors of such labor and the millions that consumers have saved by enjoying products and services made by the hands of undocumented workers.   The vast majority of these “illegals,” as your newscast would have us call them, are economic refugees, responsible for one of the lowest costs of living in any metropolitan city in the nation.”

The coalition promises to continue monitoring KHOU’s coverage of the immigration issue.  Keith Connors, responded quickly and graciously, promising to review the broadcast and offered to meet with members of the coalition to discuss concerns, and differences regarding the term “illegal immigrant,” which members of the coalition feel is inherently biased.

Some member organizations of the coalition are considering a campaign against the term “illegal immigrant” because they believe the term to be inherently biased and inappropriate for use in mainstream media.

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