Sheriff’s 287(g) Yes Commission

When I heard of Sheriff Adrian Garcia’s 287(g) commission, I immediately asked some of my friends in the pro-Migrant and Latino civil rights advocacy groups to check and see if they had been invited.


I have to agree with my friend Cesar Espinosa of America for All.

“There really is no representation of the grass roots community or the immigrant community,” said Cesar Espinosa, executive director of the immigrant advocacy group Houston’s America for All. “Is this committee going to protect the interests of the office of the sheriff, or is it going to represent the interests of the immigrant community?”

But one of the Yes men said…

Beto Cardenas, an attorney who chairs the committee, said, “I think the strength is in the diversity of our intellect, in the diversity of our opinion, not in the ethnicity or the skin color that we represent.”

“Represent” or “Profile and Detain” Beto?

I should add, the guy worked for Kay Bailey Hutchison, a proponent of 287(g).

I must say I am disappointed. Sheriff Garcia should show leadership and get rid of this failed profiling program, because there really is no way to improve it.

I’m sure the Sher’ff’s friends will tell me to give him a little credit.

Garcia said the advisory committee will not be a forum for debate on whether to continue the program. It will instead give him feedback on how to improve how it’s run.

Yes, how can we improve our racial profiling? And can we get away with violating any part of the constitution and still get re-elected?

2 responses to “Sheriff’s 287(g) Yes Commission

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  2. Agree. Mr. Cardenas’ comment is very condescending. Somebody please remind Mr. Cardenas the help he received to become an attorney at V&E.

    Sergio Davila