ACTION ALERT: Support Marjo House


Thanks to Houston Stonewall Young Democrats for this action item. Take Action today!


Marjo House is a 501(c)3 organization that provides transitional housing for individuals living with HIV/AIDS.  Located in the Pleasantville neighborhood of Houston, it has been in operation for 12 years.  Currently, it is in danger of losing its grant funding due to a misunderstanding related to how the facility operates and the erroneous assertion that it violates deed restrictions.  The City Attorney’s office has determined that it does NOT violate deed restrictions and since Marjo House is a 501(c)3 it is NOT a for-profit business.

Tomorrow, Wednesday May 19th, Houston City Council will be voting on whether or not to award Marjo House a $400,000 grant which would allow the facility to continue to operate.

We need YOU, to call the Councilmembers listed below with a simple message, “Vote YES on Marjo House!”


We also need you to send an email.  Below and in bold are the talking points, copy and paste them into an email and show your support for an organization that is providing a vital service to an overlooked community.

The vote takes place at 9am tomorrow morning, so your action tonight is required.  We want the Councilmembers who are undecided on how they should vote to know that there is support for this important housing facility.

Marjo House provides a vital service to an often overlooked community.

Of all racial and ethnic groups in the United States, HIV and AIDS have hit African Americans the hardest. The reasons are not directly related to race or ethnicity, but rather to some of the barriers faced by many African Americans. These barriers can include poverty, sexually transmitted diseases, and stigma (negative attitudes, beliefs, and actions directed at people living with HIV/AIDS).

Even though African Americans account for about 13% of the US population, they account for about half (49%) of the people who are infected with HIV and AIDS.

African Americans with AIDS often don’t live as long as people of other races and ethnic groups with AIDS.  For African Americans HIV/AIDS is a leading cause of death.

Marjo House operates as a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization and does not meet the standards to be qualified as a business.

Furthermore, it is the opinion of Houston’s City Attorney that the existence of Marjo House within Pleasantville does not violate the deed restrictions of that community.

Therefore, I urge you to vote in support of continued funding to this asset of the community so that it may continue to serve those who would otherwise be left with less than desirable options.

I urge you to do the right thing.


Brenda Stardig – District A
PHONE: 832.393.3010, Email:

Anne Clutterbuck –
District C
PHONE: 832.393.3004, Email:

Wanda Adams –
District D
PHONE: 832.393.3001, Email:

Mike Sullivan – District E
PHONE: 832.393.3008, Email:

Al Hoang –
District F
PHONE: 832.393.3002, Email:

Oliver Pennington – District G
PHONE: 832.393.3007, Email:

James G. Rodriguez – District I
PHONE: 832.393.3011, Email:

Stephen C. Costello –
At Large Position 1
PHONE: 832.393.3014, Email:

Melissa Noriega – At Large Position 3
PHONE: 832.393.3005, Email:

C.O. “Brad” Bradford – At Large Position 4
PHONE: 832.393.3012, Email:

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