Human Rights vs The Mansion

While the world of Texas progressive politics was attempting to sound off on Rick Perry’s rented mansion, there was some real action taking place in Arizona as five Dream Act activists held a sit-in outside the office of Sen. John McCain and were later arrested.

And there was also some movement in the courts as MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund) and a coalition of civil rights organizations challenged the Arizona law allowing for Latino profiling.

State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer finally took on Tomball’s Debbie Riddle on AM Radio in a debate about the Arizona law coming to Texas.

And in Houston, a Democratic elected official continued wasting money and resources on justifying 287(g).

Of course, in Texas, it was all about money spent on Rick Perry’s mansion.

So, DosCentavos ignored the mansion story yesterday, instead following the goings-on on an issue that actually affects the State of Texas and could provide Texas a national spotlight in 2011.

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