DREAM Acts of Civil Disobedience Around the U.S.

Los Angeles is reporting that Wilshire Blvd. at the 405 has been closed due to students taking to the street in support of the DREAM Act.  There have also been reports from other cities, such as Seattle, conducting actions in support of the passage of the DREAM Act in stand-alone fashion if in fact Comprehensive Immigration Reform cannot be passed in 2010.

You may recall that DosCentavos.net reported exclusively last year at a DNC Press Conference held in Austin as Chairman Tim Kaine stated that the DREAM Act would not be separated from a comprehensive bill.  Well, would-be beneficiaries of the DREAM Act and their supporters are now demanding action.

Today in Houston, FIEL, America Para Todos and other organizations rallied in front of the Mickey Leland Federal Building to ask Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison to support the DREAM Act as a stand alone measure that should be passed this year.

Of course, all of this coincides with a visit from Mexican President Calderon.  After a positive day in the press for both President Obama and Calderon in which both called for comprehensive immigration reform and slammed Arizona for their “misguided” racial profiling law, Calderon today spoke to Congress.

On the Hill, it is reported that Republicans would applaud whenever the issue of “security” was used, but when the idea of legalization and human rights were mentioned, they simply sat on their hands.

Democrats have an opportunity to lead on this issue and the DREAM Act is presenting itself as a means of beginning the overall discussion.  Passed as a standalone bill, the DREAM Act would provide an opportunity for status for the children of immigrants brought here at a young age. In fact, over 65,000 undocumented children graduate from our high schools every year.  Without “legal” status, even a college education will not allow them to become a part of the American talent pool; thus, the DREAM Act would provide for such an opportunity.

Stay tuned for more reports.

For photos of today’s rally at Leland Federal Building, click here.

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