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The Medellin Family Thanks You!

Earlier this week, my momma, Flora Medellin, went into the hospital for a surgical biopsy after some irregularities were found in a mammogram.  Thankfully, it looks like she is going to be OK.  I can say this about my momma, she’s the toughest broad I know and I’m very proud of her for passing some of that toughness to the Medellin kids this week–we needed it!

Of course, given the type of scare, we cannot let this opportunity pass us by, so we’d like to ask you all to make a contribution to Planned Parenthood of North Texas and/or Planned Parenthood of SETexas. Planned Parenthood provides access to affordable healthcare, including breast cancer screenings, for income-eligible women and we must continue ensuring these services are available.

Thank you for all your well-wishes. Momma Flora loves you all!

When College and Family Collides

Lisa Falkenberg has an interesting article looking into low Hispanic college-going rates. The big question is:  Is it cultural?

I agree that it could be part of the equation, but above all, it is economic. The real question is:  How many Latinos are finishing college? In that case, one could say that it is cultural, economic, and in many cases a lack of college preparedness.

As the State Board of Education guts our books as a means of promoting a right-wing and ignorant education, the state of Texas is set to do even more damage to Texas children–and not just Latinos.  Meanwhile, a Republican-led legislature ignores the fact that 1/3 of University students are in some sort of remedial course to make up for deficiencies after placement tests. And what about tuition? And what about financial aid dropping in value?

I would venture to say that this is a comprehensive problem, which means it’s a political problem.

Happy Birthday Millie!

Earlier this week, a few of us Kingwood Dems celebrated the birthday of long-time member Millie Watson.  A great Democrat, Millie is among our young-at-heart members and enjoys every event we put on.  We love you Millie!

Poll Finds Latinos Are Not Liked

The AP and Univision did a poll to see which group is discriminated against most.   The numbers are not surprising given the hate-monging from Arizona, Sarah Palin, and Republicans, in general, this isn’t surprising. So, what are you gonna do about it, America?

La Mafia Celebrates 30 Years Of Music

Before the right-wingers think I’m talking about a crime organization, La Mafia is an internationally-acclaimed musical group. With roots in Tejano music, La Mafia was one of these first groups to take a bold step and take their music beyond borders–even making trips to perform for U.S. troops abroad. Oft-criticized by some while revered by millions (just check their record sales), La Mafia has never feared “going there,” and their anniversary show proves that much.

About Sunday’s “Come Together”-style show: “We wanted to bring the spotlight back to San Antonio, to Texas and to Tejano. We want to put Little Joe right next to Cristian Castro, Los Palominos right next to Frankie J because it shows the unity (of Tejano). Because of corporate radio, there are divisions. But this shows our solidarity. I guarantee you when Little Joe hits the stage that stadium is going to go nuts because Little Joe is a god. This is where we’ve been all along.”

Congratulations to Oscar de la Rosa, Armando Lichtenberger and La Mafia.

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