Thoughts on Viernes…05282010

Debbie’s At It Again

We’re seeing the whites of their…anyway. Debbie Riddle announced she will introduce a Voter ID bill during the next session.  Apparently, millions of dollars wasted by the Attorney General’s office on failed prosecution of false accusations of voter fraud is not enough waste. I wonder how her Hispanic Republinuts would feel being banned from voting for being brown?

I would suggest Rep. Anchia dust off his compromise again. Nothing says democracy like automatic voter registration.

The American Republiban

Yes, Michael Berry seems to have fallen off the deep end from the comfy-ness of his radio booth’s genu-yne leatherette chair. But c’mon folks, Michael Berry blowing up anything is like Dumbya Bush actually showing up for a National Guard weekend.

Seriously, though, talk like that is not only dangerous but cause for Clear Channel to look into their “mental health” benefits package to see if Mike is even covered.  Thankfully, “Obamacare” may cover it, if needed.

Rick Perry–Arthur (Not Author)

So, Rick Perry is going to write a book about being “fed up” with big gum’mint. I wonder if he’ll include his huge corporate slush fund for which he shows no accountability? Or how big Texas gum’mint pays for his digs?

I would suggest the Bill White Campaign write one called “Fed Well–The Story of Rick Perry’s Tax-Funded Gourmet Kitchen.”

Kudos to Chief McClelland; Boos to HCSO

Chief Charles McClelland went to Washington and expressed his concern for the Arizona racial profiling law.  Great!

Meanwhile, I had the honor of doing a Lucha Libre tag-team with America Para Todos’ Cesar Espinosa on Sheriff Garcia’s PR guy regarding 287(g) at this week’s Harris County Young Democrats Immigration Forum.  While the PR guy gave his spin on 287(g) from the moment we were doing introductions, DosCentavos provided some added facts conveniently left out as to the failed and flaw-filled section of the immigration code.

Originally enacted as a means of ridding the U.S. of “criminal aliens” and undocumented folks convicted of major crimes, 287(g) has allowed local law enforcement agencies to redefine the purpose of it without any accountability to its original intent.  Even the Department of Homeland Security released a report on the failings of 287(g) with 33 recommendations on how to provide a “fix” to possible civil rights violations, erroneous data entry, and how to increase the removal numbers of major criminals, since apparently, a study showed that only 9% of those facing removals were convicted of major felonies.  That’s 33 “improvements” in a matter of four years.

This is an indefensible program to which our good Sheriff must say bye-bye.

I’ll have a video on Monday, which will also feature discussions on comprehensive immigration reform, DREAM Act, services provided by Neighborhood Centers (awesomely presented by Sacha Lazarre), and other commentary.

And a big KUDO to the YDs for passing a resolution in support of real comprehensive immigration reform.  Thanks to John G. and his members for being a great and active audience.

Enjoy the Holiday Weekend!

I’ll be sneaking through Farmers Branch on my way to Denton County for a dose of familia, hopefully some roast beast of some sort compliments of El Cuñado, and a good cee-gar on the patio.  Hasta next week!

PS:  Congrats To All Who Fought for the DADT Repeal!

My Rep. Ted Poe voted against the repeal. Then again, Ted Poe would attach an amendment to McCain’s Mexican Hunting bill to send the National Guard to Montrose and San Francisco.

One response to “Thoughts on Viernes…05282010

  1. mjwatts1983

    Thank you for recognizing that people were fighting to overturn DADT.

    Nationally: 234-194 in favor in the House.

    Here is my letter I sent to the ENTIRE Texas Congressional Delegation.

    10 Texans, including Ron Paul voted in favor of overturning DADT. 22 voted against (19 GOP, 3 Dems: Edwards, Ortiz, G. Green)

    I cannot say I didn’t try, but I am disappointed in my delegation for not being on the right side of history.