Hoang Calls on Colleagues to Support Water/Wastewater Rebate Program

Just got this from the Office of Councilman Al Hoang regarding a proposed water/wastewater rebate program for rent-restricted multi-family dwellings.

DosCentavos expressed some major concerns regarding the water/wastewater fee hikes, which recently went into effect, and this program would alleviate a bit of the hike for income-limited folks.

Houston City Council is set to vote on an ordinance to establish a two part water and wastewater rebate program for multi-family dwellings. The two parts include: 1) a two-year program for rent-restricted multi-family units, and; 2) a two or three year program for other multi-family complexes. The latter will be considered by City Council later this year.

Council Member Al Hoang says the program for rent-restricted units will reduce the initial water rate increase by more than half, “the program will cut the increase from 30.1% to 12.5%.” Hoang originally expressed concern over the increase and its potential affect on fixed income residents, but says the proposed program will help alleviate some of the burden, “I am glad we are providing some assistance to those who really need it, and more is on the way.”

The City Council hopes the program will encourage rent-restricted apartment managers to work with their tenants to reduce water consumption through conservation education, thus saving water and reducing their water bills.

The proposed rebate program comes days after the city’s new water and sewer went into effect. The rate increase was necessary in order to cover the city’s cost of providing service.

“I encourage my colleagues to approve this ordinance and bring much needed assistance to low income residents in our city,” said Hoang. City Council is set to vote on this measure tomorrow.

I have yet to hear the “against” side to this proposal, so if a member of Council has an “against” argument, please send it over to doscentavos [at] gmail.com.

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