Congressman Al Green Adds Local Push to the DREAM

Congressman Al Green (D-Houston) has given local DREAM Activists a big push by announcing he would co-sponsor a stand-alone DREAM Act.

A rally to help the Congressman make this decision was to be held on Wednesday; however, the DREAMers have decided to step up their efforts to gain the support of another Texas Congressman, Henry Cuellar.  And they have wasted no time in calling out Cuellar:

Some people still have not taking a leadership position on this which is why we are asking you to put pressure on Henry Cuellar. The info is Below:

The son of Laredo, son of immigrant parents and most degreed congressman refuses to co-sponsor the DREAM Act. He knows the struggle of immigrants but has not supported viable solutions like the DREAM Act. He continues to provide unreasonable excuses, e.g. he will not support piecemeal approach but has co-sponsored Ag Jobs.

It should also be noted that Cuellar has been one of the Washington insiders that has perpetuated the private prison boondoggle.  Let’s not forget the photo ops with the worst of the other side.

The DREAM Activists, who are also staunch supporters of Comprehensive Immigration Reform, have continued engaging people, visiting with members of Congress across the United States, and gaining more support for the stand-alone DREAM Act.

2 responses to “Congressman Al Green Adds Local Push to the DREAM

  1. Cuellar just co-sponsored the DREAM Act! Yay!

  2. Organizers of the event scheduled for tomorrow outside Congressman Cuellar’s SA office just got word that he plans to cosponsor. Waiting for confirmation from Congressman Berman’s office since he’s the sponsor. Why does it take a public event with the potential for a lot of media attention to get this border Congressman to do the right thing?