Tiny, Booming Voiced Candidate Takes the Stage at TDP

Linda Chavez-Thompson announces, “I am the next Lt. Governor of the State of Texas.

“We are not apologizing for being Democrats and fighting for working families…”

“A balanced budget doesn’t mean that you’ve taken care of our school, or children…”

“You know how many zeroes in $19,000,000,000?  11 including Perry and Dewhurst.”

“Well Perry has had 10 years in office and Dewhurst 8.  If the boys aren’t prepared to muscle up then it’s time they step aside.”

But dropouts are just a symptom of a larger broken system — a system that has already failed our children before they’ve even entered the first grade.  Parenting Magazine, recently spelled out the epidemic that is the early literacy crisis:

“While a child growing up in a middle class neighborhood will own an average of 13 books at any given time, low-income communities average about one book for every 300 children.”

In the face of such a daunting crisis, what does the Republican Party offer?  A platform that calls for abolishing federally sponsored pre-kindergarten classes.

They just don’t get it.

“I realize us Texans are known for our big talk.  But the outside world needs to know there is some truth to the Texas myth.  Because when you’re born in the Lone Star State, you just grow up believing the sky is the limit.  It’s true for this daughter of a cotton sharecropper.  And in today’s economy, it can still hold true for any Texas child with a book in their hand.

“But at the recent Republican Party Convention, the same Rick Perry who has trouble counting dropouts made a bold statement that just knocked my socks off.  He said, and I quote, “This is the home of a Hispanic in America:  The Republican Party.”

Listen, any home that neglects children like the Republican Party of Texas should be reported to Child Protective Services.

So what is their grand scheme to get the Latino vote?

According to the Dallas Morning News:
•    Perry hired a Spanish speaking Press Secretary
•    He launched a Spanish language web and twitter site
•    And he hired a Hispanic ad agency that sells beer and Domino’s pizza.

Por favor!

To paraphrase my good friend Jim Hightower, you can stuff a jalapeño in a pig but that doesn’t make it chorizo.

Now we must follow in Bill White’s example.

It’s up to you and me to lift the aspirations of those who have given up hope … it’s up to you and me to lift our economy by electing leaders up and down the ballot who will invest in education … and it’s up to you and me to lift up our hearts and send a message loud and clear that we will not stand for the neglect of any child.

Nosotros tenemos la responsibilidad de luchar por nuestros hijos y nuestros nietos.    Y como Demócratas, no olvidamos nuestros responsibilidades.

We have enough challenges, and 11 zeroes is two zeroes too many.

We win when we lift up our voices.  So make sure they hear you.  Are you ready to go to work?  Are you ready to win?  I am. Thank you and God bless.  Muchisimas gracias y que dios les bendiga.