Thoughts on Viernes…07022010

Missed A Week!

I think I missed doing a ToV  post last week. Blame it convention, blame it on enjoying coffee and conversation in the press room.

Six Blocks Hardly Constitutes Evading…

…much less a felony!  From the get-go, I started questioning whether the Jarvis Johnson saga created by HPD was for real. After reading some of the facts that finally got reported, as well as CM Johnson’s statement, I must say the whole situation seems a little screwy.  Add to it the fact that HPD is not spouting much and the 287g-loving cops union is, well, let’s just say my trust levels of that group are beyond low.

During a time when Americans are polling in favor of legalized racial profiling, I know I wouldn’t just stop anywhere for what some might think is a simple speeding ticket.  Then again, those making nasty comments against the CM aren’t folks who usually have a target on their backs.

Anyway, I”m sure we’ll hear soon from the Councilman in a press conference capacity.

A Book Review…

Playwright Gregg Barrios interviewed Chicano and Ethnic Studies scholar David Montejano, a professor at Berkeley and reviewed his new book, Quixote’s Soldiers:  A Local History of the Chicano Movement 1966-1981. The review appears in the San Antonio Current and is an excellent read about the Chicano Movement in San Antonio. It is definitely a must-read for Democrats who still wonder about bringing out that dreaded Latino electorate in November.

My personal Montejano story:  I was hanging out drinking a beer with a professor friend of mine while at SWT.  All of a sudden, there’s a knock on the door–it’s David Montejano, then UT’s Center for Mexican American Studies’ director. What a treat and what a conversation!

Enjoy the holiday!

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