Most of Texas Dem Slate Fires Up Denton had the opportunity to visit with and watch in action most of the Texas Democratic slate, including Bill White for Governor, Jeff Weems for Railroad Commissioner, and Hank Gilbert for Agricultural Commissioner at a BBQ and rally held at Quakertown Park in Denton, TX. Also included in the list of speakers was Congressional candidate Neil Durrance. All of the candidates fired up a crowd of hundreds of Democratic stalwarts, as well as a few independents and soft Republicans who wanted a chance to meet the most qualified and energized group of candidates the state has seen. The Denton Record-Chronicle had a good write-up on the event.

White described “Rick Perry’s Texas” versus “our Texas,” citing several examples of how he believes the governor has led the state astray.

“In Rick Perry’s Texas, schools are a place to indoctrinate with politics,” he said. “In our Texas, we need more computers and to honor our educators.”

“You tell ’em, Bill!” came from the crowd in response.

He pointed to a need to let teachers teach critical thinking, reading and writing skills, as opposed to answers to a multiple-choice test.

White vowed that as governor, he’d strive to make college more affordable and accessible, and called the rising cost of tuition unacceptable.

He painted Perry as a man more concerned with his career than the concerns of the people of Texas.

“I need your help,” White told the crowd. “I’m in this for you all. If you lift me up and support me, I will never think I am more important than any of you.”

Here are a few photos:  Neil Durrance, Bill White, Jeff Weems, Hank Gilbert (Courtesy of DCMedia/All Rights Reserved).

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