GOP: Obama Heads for Impeachment Because of Immigration

On Wednesday, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) was on Lou Dobbs’ radio show and went a step further. He agreed with Dobbs’ statement that President Obama is “awfully close” to violating his “oath to protect the Constitution of the United States” by not completely securing the border …

Considering that President Obama deported more immigrants in his first year in office (and the family separations continue), it seems the administration would have a defense to any impeachment based on actual numbers, rather than the fear the GOP puts out on immigration and Latinos.

Perhaps there’s a bigger story here:  Having President Obama admit to targeting more Latinos than ever could balance out how much the Latino electorate is avoiding the GOP.  Of course, there’s a big difference between doing a job and the vitriol that is spewed by the Republicans toward Latinos.

Frankly, we don’t like the numbers, but calling our kids “anchor babies” and promoting racial profiling laws that put an entire group of people under watch based on their color (and their shoes and clothing) is worse.  At least when dealing with Latino voters, that is.

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