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Awesome Kick-Off for Houston Votes

I attended the kick-off happy hour for Houston Votes yesterday and it was quite a smash. A crowd of volunteers and supporters helped kick-off Houston Votes efforts toward registering 100,000 voters in Harris County. As I mentioned previously, there are around 600,000 unregistered, yet eligible, voters in Harris County and Houston Votes along with several other non-profit partner groups have put it upon themselves to improve civic engagement and participation at the ballot box.

Congratulations to Fred Lewis and Melody Patelis and the gang on a fine event. And the best of wishes to Texans Together ED Maureen Haver. Coby has more on HV and TT.

The Interviews Begin @ Kuff

The best service available to voters has to be Off The Kuff’s candidate interviews for the general election. Charles is busier than ever. If someone needs solid information straight out of a candidate’s mouth, then Kuff is your source.

Raulito Navaira Has a Show?

Yes, that’s right, Emilio’s brother Raul, who started a solo career while his brother recuperated  after suffering serious injuries in a Houston accident, is now a talk-show host.  Beginning August 14, the Raulito Show debuts featuring all sorts of Tejano and Latino music stars, one-liners, jokes, and even a cooking segment called Abuelita’s Kitchen.

Why didn’t I think of doing something like this? No, I chose a blog, instead.

I think the cooking segment stands to be his biggest challenge.

“I can do this segment all day long,” Navaira joked as he dipped a potato chip into a bowl of pico de gallo during a second take.

Good luck to Raulito–let’s get the first 13 shows out of the way.

Dan Patrick Tells Hispanics What We Should Be Doing?

And our own State Senator Mario Gallegos puts his foot down.

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