FBI to Riddle: YOU LIE!

Well, not in so many words, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation (that’s the FBI) has knocked down the Republican-Riddle-Gohmert-created idea that immigrants were coming to the U.S., giving birth, returning home with the baby, training it to be a terrorist, and sending said baby back to the U.S. for terror purposes.

Anderson Cooper closed the book on the terror baby assertion, but not necessarily on how insane the Republican Party has become. He also had Tom Fuentes, a former FBI agent, who had much to say–including a joke that the FBI may be creating a NO PRE-SCHOOL LIST.  Unfortunately, Riddle has one of her own and it includes anyone with a Spanish surname. Here’s the vid:

Fuentes does question how all of a sudden, there are so many FBI agents lurking in the halls of Congress and our State House.  Let’s be honest…the Republicans, Riddle and Gohmert are liars, they are vindictive, and anything they create is based on hate–I even question if it’s even for political purposes, instead for how they really feel about anyone different.

If ever the Democrats had material to show how crazy the Republicans are, this is it.

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