Guerra: On Manufacturing Wedge Issues…

by Carlos Guerra

The “mosque on ground zero” is a manufactured controversy, just like the “terror baby” immigrant threat, ginned up to foment fear among the ignorant and poorly educated.

It isn’t a mosque but a community center, for starters, and it is blocks away from the site of the Twin Towers. If such a center were such an affront, aren’t the several strip joints closer to the site an even greater affront?

It also amazes me that Muslim prayer services have been held openly at the Pentagon for years without a peep from the suddenly fearful. Did the fear mongers simply forget to get the word out about that?

As for “terror babies” born to immigrant mothers here so they will grow up as citizens and wreak havoc, and to serve as “anchors” for their relatives to also become U.S. citizens, think of what that would really entail. Has anyone considered the time that this would take, since they can’t be “anchors” until they are 21 or older, and that their relatives would still go to the end of the waiting line?

Then, if they were admitted, they would still have to wait five years to apply for citizenship.

In the meantime, terrorists with European passports could enter sans visas; and did anyone consider that native-born Americans could also be recruited and trained with far less trouble?

Watch as both issues die — as did the urgent drive for an anti-flag-burning amendment — right after the November election has taken these suckers’ votes.

They can fool lots of people a lot of the time. And they do more often than we would like to admit.

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