Sore Loserism Takes Over The Voter Registrar’s Office

Perhaps the appointed and losing candidate for Tax Assessor-Collector Leo Vasquez is doing one last favor for his Republican Party.  Yes, the same Republican Party which abandoned him for being Latino, yet, Vasquez still feels the need to stop the voter registrations of Latinos, African-Americans, the elderly and poor Whites by spreading outright lies about a voter registration group, Houston Votes. recently covered Houston Votes and found them to be impressive and up to the challenge of registering 100,000 voters before the deadline.  Vasquez’s wholly political move attempting to somehow tie Houston Votes to some Acorn-ish type of thing (which really was another Republican voter suppression tactic in itself), is similar to past Republican actions to stop voter registration efforts that target voters that do not fit the “Republican” mold they created for themselves–in their own image.

There’s something different this time around, and that’s the use of a right-wing voter suppression group calling itself “True the Vote.”  Given their own description that they seek out “voter fraud” by placing “conservative” poll watchers at the polls is suspect in itself–reminders of the good ol’ Texas way of running polling locations where the boss is looking after the workers making sure they vote his way.

As they say, “Unmonitored elections invite fraud,” which this blogger has seen in various “unmonitored” polling locations in conservative areas of the County. I still recall an attempt at being turned away from a Kingwood polling location because of an error made by Bettencourt’s folks–they had misspelled my name and it didn’t match my ID.

Needless to say, I find the motives of such a right-wing group suspect–they yell “fraud” whenever too many Latinos and Blacks votes, such after the 2008 election. But to find out that Vasquez allowed them to pore over applications containing voter information is something that should be investigated.

Unfortunately, DosCentavos will not be able to cover the HoustonVotes press conference. But Leo Vasquez and his Republican Party’s voter suppressing ways will be outed from here and out.


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