Exposing Vasquez and King Street

Why on earth would losing Republican Leo Vasquez want to be associated with a right-wing anti-voter group which uses fake video to make their false voter fraud accusations?

If you go to 1:36 of a video on the front page of the King Street Paranoiacs (truethevote.org), one will find a doctored photo of an African American woman with a sign that states, “I only got to vote once!” Of course, the “homemade” sign is written in perfect Comic Sans MS font, one of the numerous fonts available on Photoshop.

DosCentavos.net questioned the validity of Vasquez’s accusations toward Houston Votes given the fact that he allowed access to voter information to an obviously partisan organization.

Anthony Gutierrez, spokesperson for the Texas Democratic Party, has released this statement regarding Leo Vasquez and his work with the right-wing anti-voter group, King Street Patriots.

“Not only have they completely destroyed whatever credibility they had, but all Harris County residents should be deeply disturbed by how closely Republican Voter Registrar Leo Vasquez is working with this Republican group.  They apparently are being given access to voter registration applications [1] [2] which contain personal, private information and which the Voter Registrar’s Office refused to turn over to the Democratic Party in the course of our lawsuit arguing that the personal nature of the information on the cards needed to be protected, an argument they even made in federal court.”

[1] King Street Patriots Press Release 8/24/2010

“King Street Patriots is double-checking all registrations leading up to the election…”


[2] Link to the Powerpoint Leo Vasquez presented at his press conference.  In the powerpoint are several voter registration applications which were made available to the King Street Patriots and which clearly show voters’ name and date of birth.