The Prop. 1 Saga Continues

I can’t say I agree with sister Muse and brother Coby on their Prop. 1 ideas. As you may have heard, the politicians on the HISD board came out against Prop. 1 stating that having to pay the “rain tax” would cause them to get rid of teachers. The thing is, they didn’t mention anything else they would cut and I’m sure there’s some administrative waste in there that could be targeted. Perhaps real partnerships can be forged with business and industry to help raise funding for other needs (instead of allowing them to add to the ravaging of public schools with their corporatization of public education through charter school corporations.)

The problem with school finance is not local, it’s at the Texas Legislature. Republicans like the school board president have allowed the ravaging of public school funds in favor of tax giveaways to property-rich corporations in school districts. If you want to look at corporations that get away with much of this, look at the people on the Houston Business and Education Coalition who are either part of or represent these deadbeat corporations (or salivate over sub-contracting deals). Not to mention being part of the public school privatization movement.

So, no, I won’t blame those evil engineers that easily–someone has to design whatever it is that is going to be built. And whatever the engineers design will be built by folks who will get jobs because of Mayor Annise Parker’s Hire Houston First.

Ultimately, if someone supports public schools, then he/she should support Texas House candidates who will support fully funding our public schools, rather than give to candidates who do not support public schools.

So, I’ll stick with LULAC #402 on this one…and with Kuff.