Thoughts on Viernes…10152010

The Port Thing

I’ve been asked by a few folks if I had an opinion on the whole Port Commission appointment thing that some have been reading through the internets.

“Yes, I do,” said Stace Medellin before pointing randomly at the sky, yelling, “Look!” and running away hysterically to an undisclosed location.

Commissioner Garcia’s Opponent Doesn’t Get It

Commissioner Sylvia Garcia’s hapless opponent doesn’t seem to understand the nuances of “spending,” choosing to just run against President Obama and immigrants, rather than providing any sensible ideas.

Calling out Commissioner Garcia on spending, the opponent then comes up with a bright idea:  To continue wasting tax dollars on targeting immigrants, rather than bulking up our jail staff and fighting real crimes on the street.

The dude just doesn’t get it.  Good thing the Commish gets it!

No Vets or Dogs Allowed?

As someone who avoids fancy restaurants because some days (like today), I like to be in a t-shirt and warm-ups, but still don’t mind a fine meal in my own state of comfort, the story about how Wolfgang Puck’s restraurant in Dallas denied entry to a group of WWII Vets was one which caught my attention.  What was even funnier was the Dallas Mayor’s note to the Vets apologizing.

“Again, welcome to Dallas. I’m sure you will enjoy our Southern hospitality.”

Yeah, they got a dose of old-fashioned Southern Hospitality–“No Mexicans, Blacks, Vets OR Dogs Allowed” all because of appearance.

Clinton Takes San Anto

In SA to help Ciro Rodriguez, Bill Clinton wowed a packed-house at Palo Alto College.  Bill knows messaging!

“The American people were very generous to Republicans — they gave them eight years to dig this huge hole,” Clinton said to more than 400 Democrats in Palo Alto College’s Performing Arts Center. “We’re asking for just two more years … to get us out of it.”

The Master!


Early Voting begins Monday.  From October 18 – 29,  you may vote at ANY early voting location around Harris County. To find one close to you, click here.


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