Texans for Public Justice Files Complaint Against King Street

This is definitely good news as it brings the corruption of the Republican Party and their off-shoot, “King Street,” into the spotlight.

TPJ today filed a formal complaint with the Texas Ethics Commission alleging that the King Street Patriots and KSP/True the Vote have violated the state’s prohibition on corporate contributions to political parties and candidates.  The complaint says the groups appear to have made repeated in-kind corporate contributions to the Harris County Republican Party and a slate of Republican candidates for legislative, judicial and county offices.

Texas Democratic Party also added the King Street group to their lawsuit against the Green Party.

As has been suspected by this blogger, King Street is a 501 (c) 4 nonprofit group and is illegally supporting candidates.

Democrats say the King Street Patriots are not only violating their tax status by helping Republicans but are also illegally operating as an unregistered political committee. Also, because King Street Patriots is a corporation, its political expenditures are illegal.

DosCentavos is looking forward to hearing about King Street’s voter intimidation practices at voting locations soon–and so will you.  Apparently, Teabaggers have been getting trained by King Street.