ABC-13 Reports on Voter Intimidation

The ABC-13 report can be seen in its entirety here, but this is what most caught my eye.

The county attorney says it has received numerous complaints about overzealous poll watchers at several heavily minority early voting locations, including at Kashmere Gardens, where a poll watcher told Eyewitness News he was recruited by True the Vote, an organization that proclaims rooting out voter fraud is its main goal.

We asked him, “Have you have you talked to anybody with the Republican Party?”

“No,” Brent Chipley said.

“Any candidate who was running for office?” we asked.


“Just True the Vote?”

“Yes,” Chipley responded.

Chipley admitted he has no idea which candidate he’s even watching the polls for.

We asked, “Who did you register as representing?”

He said, “Uh, I don’t remember.”

It’s pretty obvious, their job is to intimidate, hover behind voters, second guess election judges and clerks. all for the purpose of making wasteful “voter fraud” allegations on behalf of the Republican Party.

I think the Democratic Party needs its own poll watchers watching over the Tea Party’s poll watchers.  Either that, or the county’s election workers should pay more attention to what occurs on their watch.