Rick Perry Pulls A Sharron Angle

Carlos Guerra at NewsTaco asks the question:  Are Latinos the New Gays and Is “Illegal” The New Willie Horton?

Enough race-bating; it is time for some facts.

Here’s my take:

Rick Perry did what pundits did not expect him to do:  Pull a Sharron Angle and run an anti-immigrant ad exploiting a sad situation that occurred a few years ago.

Using the widow of a murdered cop, Perry joined the Republican Party’s game plan of calling Houston a “sanctuary city,” blaming the killing of the cop on a policy to protect Houstonians from racial profiling, while a previously deported felony-convicted immigrant is the only one guilty of murdering the cop.

The problem isn’t an HPD policy which ensures Latinos and others are not racially profiled, it is the lack of political will from Republicans who have done nothing to support comprehensive immigration reform, and have done nothing to make it easier on law enforcement to identify felony criminal aliens by passing a policy that brings hard-working immigrants out of the shadows and flushes  out those who dare commit felonies that threaten all of us.

But for Rick Perry, things are supposed to come easy–his lack of oversight of DPS policies that erased the felony records of deported individuals caused a lot more harm in this case. But the easy way out is to bring negativity to an international economic hub like Houston and instead call for racially profiling Latinos.

That’s what this is about, ultimately. The vilifying of a group of people for political purposes. As Perry has failed to do anything about drug cartels using our highways to deliver to customers in ten years, he instead chooses the tough talk with no action approach that has gotten him re-elected over and over again.

Latinos need to show Rick Perry that he will not win by stomping on our necks for his own political career. VOTE!

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