San Marcos Elects Daniel Guerrero as Mayor

Another bright spot from last night was my friend Daniel Guerrero being voted in as Mayor of the City of San Marcos, TX. Winning by 41 votes, Daniel is now the youngest person (33) to serve as Mayor of this fast-growing city.

Of course, me and Daniel go way back to our SWT/Texas State days. As I was finishing up a couple of years of student activism, Daniel was part of the next wave of student leaders who aptly represented students. His work with the Mexican American Engineers and Scientists organization was something special and a life of experience, which included overcoming some life challenges, grew into a continual life of service. Daniel now serves as the Executive Director of the San Marcos Educational Foundation, and had previously served on the San Marcos City Council and as Mayor Pro-Tem.

Simply put, Daniel is San Marcos and has earned this position with a lot of heart and a great support network. San Marcos will become a better city because of his commitment and diligence.

Way to go, Daniel! Our little network of Texas State alums is beaming with pride on this day.

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