Latino Lessons for Texas Democrats, President Obama

As I stated in an earlier post, Latinos remain strong Democratic, but President Obama gets a “Work on it,” in the same exit polling.

Forty-nine percent of Hispanic voters said they approved of Obama’s handling of immigration, and 40 percent disapproved, according to the polling by Latino Decisions, which surveyed 3,200 voters in eight key states.

“This is not a resounding endorsement and reflects frustration in the Latino community,” said Gary Segura, a senior researcher with Latino Decisions and Stanford University professor. “The president’s path to reelection with Latinos requires some work and investment of time.”

So, yes, Latinos still approve of the President at a rate of 68%, but that has considerably decreased, and it looks like his lack of a push on comprehensive immigration reform (as well as the economy) is the culprit.

“We think there’s a message in there for other Democrats, including the president,” said Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, an immigration reform advocacy group that sponsored the survey with National Council of La Raza and Service Employees International Union, among others.

“Our view is that if you sit on your hands on immigration, you lose. If lean into it, you win,” Sharry added.

The Texas Legislative session in 2011 is going to be a Republican-led attack on Latinos–citizen and not. How Democrats respond to the attacks will definitely be of interest to the Latino electorate.

And Harry Reid can help that by pushing–at the very least–the DREAM Act during this lame duck session.

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