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Our Mom, Florencia Serna Medellin, turns 80 today. After taking a nasty spill a couple of months ago, undergoing surgery on her ankle, and enduring physical therapy, she was released from her rehab facility on Tuesday–just in time to celebrate.

And if I’m not mistaken, Momma Flora received a special letter/card in the mail from President Barack Obama, too. Mom will be going back to the rehab facility today with a huge cake to share with the friends she made amongst the patients and staff.

Happy Birthday, Mom! WE LOVE YOU!


Congrats to my friends Justin Gillenwater and Kris Banks on passing the Bar Exam. Justin is a fellow blogger and becomes an immigration attorney who I have on retainer in case I need “papers” to emigrate to California when Rick Perry secedes us from the union.  Kris we all know as the chief of the HOUSTON GLBT Caucus, a campaign wiz, and a pretty cool dude.  Congrats to both!


Juliet Kathy Stipeche is heading to a run-off for HISD Trustee District 8. Run Off Election Day is November 30th, and Early Voting November 18 thru 24. Juliet also tells me that the following will be the EV Locations:

Hattie Mae White Educational Support Center, 4400 West 18th Street, Houston, TX 77092

Furr High School – 520 Mercury, Houston 77013

Austin High School – 1700 Dumble, Houston, TX 77023

LEARN THEM, and then go VOTE FOR JULIET! Because we really need to elect the community’s candidate, not the big business candidate.

I’m Not Going To Miss Sylvia Garcia!

As I read through her long list of Facebook political condolences, reading that all these people were going to miss her, I couldn’t help but think:  She ain’t going anywhere! There’s no doubt that the Commish is an asset to the community at large and will continue serving us in one capacity or another. And since she’s a fellow South Texan, I’m pretty sure she’s not the type to give up or throw up her arms in frustration. So, I’ll tell her, “Ay nos vemos at the next battle.”

The Red Light Cameras

Yeah–Maybe you noticed I hadn’t really commented on these things. Truth:  I wasn’t a fan of the red light cams. No, not because they might infringe on rights, and not for some other crazy nutjob reason the Kubosh’s might be trying to sell.

First of all, I don’t like corporations buying City Council votes so they can make a crap-load of money. Secondly, I’m not much of a fan of the enforcement of civil traffic laws; much like I don’t agree that the City or County should be in the business of profiting off of the warehousing of non-criminal immigrants accused of violating civil immigration rules.

Now, the argument is being made that the City stands to lose millions by getting rid of the cameras. The thing is, these cameras have only been around for a short while and no time was wasted in allocating that money to something?

And now that the voters voted them out, we can’t get rid of them for 4 months? I’m all for meeting whatever contractual obligations need to be met, but my question is:  Who in the hell negotiated the exit strategy when we knew full-well that there was a possibility of this happening?

Finally, the red light camera company is from Maricopa, AZ, and I’m still pissed that the Mayor and Council didn’t do much to boycott Arizona. Well, this is my boycott–and it continues.

By the way, I voted NO on keeping those cameras.

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