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DosCentavos Supports Corgey for Port Commission

A couple of months ago, I was alerted to the possibility of a Republatina being replaced on the Port Commission by a good Union person. I thought…great! Sure, a part of me wished the Mayor would have put up a pro-Union, progressive Latino/a, but I’m still smart enough to recognize who will fight for my interests.  I’ve never been one to support a Latino or Latina solely based on ethnicity. As I tell people, it’s about policy, pendejos!

As far as the local Latino establishment supporting the Republatina, I cannot see how easy they can support someone who gave over $23,000 to Rick Perry in 2009-2010. Is she acting in Latino interests? I think not.  So, no, the establishment cannot convince me that this person is so much better just because she’s Hispanic. Let’s get real, gente!

So, yeah, it’s pretty easy for me to support Dean Corgey. And it’s very easy for me to say that I’ll be watching out for the Council vote tally and make my 2011 decisions (and Council blogging) partly based on this vote.

More on the Latino Vote in 2010

Well, as I mentioned on my Facebook, and I’ll mention it here again, Kuff is one of the only white dudes I know that gives some well-thought-out analysis on stuff, and his take on the Latino Vote gives us much to think about for 2012.

Another highly-respected guy, and one of my favorite columnists–ever–is Victor Landa of the SA Express-News and NewsTaco. Here’s his take:

I think Latino voters became enfadados, fed up with this election, the candidates and two years of inaction on important issues. Add to that the wholesale political scapegoating of undocumented workers and the result is an electoral segment that stayed home rather than cast a vote.

It’s not good. I agree. Too many people have sacrificed too much in order for Latinos and blacks to have the right to vote, and that right continues to be defended in court to this day. It’s an ironic decision to not vote. But it sends a message of discontent with the status quo.

There’s an annoying debate (sans Latinos) on what will bring out the Latinos in 2012. Some say more blockwalking and “outreach.”  Others are giving up without asking Latinos what we want (including a Kingwood Lawyer (Nunnery) who’s given to more Republican candidates than most and only showed up on the Democratic scene to join the Obamites).  I think Landa’s message is similar to what is now my mantra:  “It’s the policy, pendejos!”

Congrats to Texas State on the WAC News

Texas State University, on top of being a top-notch, yet oft-ignored by “tier one ‘ers,” university gets to go up a notch in sports–they will join the Western Athletic Conference in 2012.

I’m thinking of joining the fundraising to make sure the bill for the expanded Bobcat Stadium (whose field is named for Jim Wacker) is paid by private money in this bad economy.  But if I raise a lot of that money, then it will need to named Jim Wacker Field at Tacho Medellin Stadium & Hispanic Museum.

I think that’s enough for today. Have a great weekend, folks!


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