Early Voting in HISD-8 Run-Off Begins Today!

That’s right, we’ve got one more race to decide–at least folks in HISD District 8 do.

Juliet Kathy Stipeche needs your vote and support–that’s if you want a representative who is committed to keeping our public schools running, and is committed to ensuring a positive learning environment for all of our school kids.

If you want a right-wing “C” club endorsed candidate, or someone who will give our schools away to corporations who are selective in the kids they want to teach, then there’s the other person in the race. That person also happens to be the one that stated in an interview with OffTheKuff.com that she opposed the “Breakfast in the Classroom” nutrition program stating that kids “don’t come to school starving,” yet the program helps in fighting obesity and ensuring children are provided the most important meal of the day.

No, Juliet Kathy Stipeche is the obvious choice and not because of all of the big names that have stood up on her behalf, but because Juliet Kathy Stipeche is for real; one who champions education as a means of breaking the cycle of poverty and as a means of creating wealth and talent for the community at-large.

Every vote counts. And because turn-out is expected to be low, your vote counts even more. VOTE!

Early Voting Schedule for HISD Trustee – District VIII Run-Off Election:

Nov. 18–24 (7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., including Saturday and Sunday)

Early Voting Locations:
Gregory Lincoln Education Center
1101 Taft Street, Houston, TX 77019
Furr High School
520 Mercury, Houston 77013
West Gray Adaptive Recreation Center
1475 West Gray, Houston, TX 77019
Austin High School
1700 Dumble, Houston, TX 77023

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