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Endorsed by What?

I’m sure you’ve all read the Texas Republican Party platform, particularly the section on education:  Support school vouchers; Abolish the Department of Education; Get rid of HeadStart, Bilingual Education, and Early Childhood Education; get rid of teaching evolution and science, etc.

Usually, a candidate who gets an endorsement is required to commit to the Republinuts that they support every tenet of their platform. So, when I saw Judith Cruz’s latest endorsement flyer stating “Republicans have a choice,” the question that came to mind was:  “To what did she commit to get the Republican Party endorsement?”

Sure, one can cry “bipartisanship,” but as their leaders have shown since November, they intend to put their platform into place, without any Democratic help. Our public schools will definitely be under attack by Republicans and their big business buddies. So, on whose side is anyone who gets an endorsement from people who care less about our public schools?

Oh yeah, the Republicans can’t spell “trusteee,” either.  Is that what we get from corporate education interests?

There’s one choice who will represent students, parents, teachers, and all stakeholders without any hidden agendas…JULIET KATHY STIPECHE for HISD Trustee~8. VOTE TUESDAY!

The City Is STILL Watching You!

And that’s a good thing. Yes, DosCentavos was against the red light cameras, but not because of the nutjob worries about being surveilled, but for other reasons like political payoffs by the red-light corporations and the pick-and-choose fashion on which civil laws are being enforced by the city. But if our cops need help keeping watch and protecting the city from property and personal crimes, then sure, why not?

So, $300K for PR is Just One Little Expense, Huh?

Rick Casey blows the roof off of the Port Houston and their expenditures on a lawsuit that seems to be going nowhere. That sure is a lot of money going to V & E, huh? $20 million spent to avoid paying $20 million?

Again…no wonder they didn’t want a new pair of eyes on the Port board!

Great Tejano Buys

Don’t want to sift through the slim-pickin’s of the latest Tejano/Onda Chicana music at the big box stores? Me neither! So, you can always head over to Tejano Classics and get your stuff online. Of course, you can always visit Janie’s Record Shop in person or online, too. Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday!

And if you want to get me something from either one, drop me a line and I’ll send you my wish list. 🙂

Keep La Onda alive!


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