HISD-8 Runoff is Tuesday – VOTE JULIET

After all the back and forth, debates, and even truths about candidates (here and here), it’s time to decide who shall be Houston ISD Trustee~8  in the voting booth on Tuesday.

Juliet Kathy Stipeche is highly qualified:  An attorney and small business owner, as well as an activist on civil rights issues from DREAM Act to Voter Rights to LGBT causes. Juliet is the only candidate who has gone above and beyond to fight for the people–exactly the kind of school board member we need.

Juliet Kathy Stipeche knows District 8:  Born and raised in the East End by hard-working immigrant parents, Juliet has personally seen the challenges faced by children in the district and she has advocated for those children. It takes a leader who recognizes the root causes of the challenges faced by District 8, and Juliet is the only candidate who does, and is willing to do the heavy lifting and decision-making to create solutions to those challenges.

Juliet Kathy Stipeche is tireless:  Whenever given a task or job, she has never quit; if anything, she has made it a priority. Put her on the school board and there is no doubt in my mind that she will never quit or put the needs of the students on the back-burner in favor of popular notions or politics.

And as someone who has gotten to know her, I can tell you that through all of her successes, there’s nothing she wants to do more than help create the next generation of successful Houstonians who, like her, will give back to the community.

So, on Tuesday, VOTE JULIET KATHY STIPECHE for HISD Trustee~8.

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