HOPE Takes One For The Team

And by team, I mean all of us in the City of Houston.

Today, the Houston Organization of Public Employees (HOPE)—the city of Houston municipal employees’ union—endorsed Houston Mayor Annise Parker’s decision to offer workers voluntary furloughs in the month of December. HOPE members originated the idea as a way to avoid more painful cuts to public services in 2011.

HOPE President and Public Works employee Melvin Hughes said, “Though the recession was caused by greed on Wall Street, we are stepping up to the plate because Houston has a revenue problem that is hurting workers and taxpayers alike. HOPE members want to be part of the solution.”

HOPE actuallly showed some leadership in this effort.

“While the City has been able to withstand the current economic crisis longer than most, we are now faced with budget challenges that force us to make tough fiscal choices,” said Mayor Parker. “I sincerely appreciate HOPE’s willingness to offer suggestions that will help the City as it works to find fiscally-responsible solutions for dealing with our ongoing budget situation.”

“While City of Houston employees are not to blame, HOPE is proud to be part of the solution to help close the City’s budget gap,” said Melvin Hughes, HOPE president and City of Houston maintenance mechanic. “As a member of the City’s workforce, I’m doing my part by taking a voluntary furlough day.”

I sure hope the Port Commission would do the same and rescind that golden hurricane of a parachute they just gave away to one of their mouthpieces. If hard-working employees are willing to take a hit, then some of those 6-figure folks, should do the same–and more often!

(Yeah, I know…not a City agency, but we need all taxing entities to set some examples because we know things will be tough all over.)

At least that’s where I’ll be blogging from.