Rally Sends Message: Don’t Mess With Texas Schools!

Teaching was the hardest work I had ever done, and it remains the hardest work I have done to date. ~ Gov. Ann Richards

Led in by a high school drumline, thousands of teachers, parents, students and just plain ol’ Texans converged on the Capitol to demand of the Texas Legislature and Governor Perry to “save our schools.”

Although estimates go from a Texas DPS trooper’s estimate of 8,000 to the organzers’ 11,000, looking at the crowd from the makeshift stage sure did make for a beautiful sight.

Speakers of all ages, such as Dallas student Dalton Sherman, educational leaders like Michael Hinojosa, Bobby Rigues, John Kuhn, and John Folks, and political leaders like Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio anchored the event. Most impressive were students, parents and teachers who also spoke to the crowd about the educational needs of their respective communities.

The crowd looked like Texas as it was very diverse in color and in politics, yet, it was one issue that brought them to Austin from across the State of Texas:  Funding education.  And let me tell you, although the “attack” may have been on Rick Perry, the governor sure as hell earned it with his recent shirking of his responsibilities, blaming school districts for their budget shortfalls, although it is Perry who has threatened to cut $9 billion from public schools.

As Republican legislators begin to embrace the fact that releasing the Rainy Day Fund is a necessity, it seems they were also in town for the Rally. I know I saw several cars with “State Official” plates  parked on the Capitol grounds and at least one Republican state rep. from my neck of the woods was actually sitting with colleagues behind the podium, Dan Huberty (although in this pic, he seems to be his very own little island.)

No doubt, Huberty was there to greet and hopefully listen to his consituents (teachers,  students and parents) who made the trip for the rally, including Humble ISD chief Sconzo.

Six hours of driving, a nasty sunburn on my face, and dealing with annoying Austin bicyclists who think they own the road, I have returned to Houston satisfied with the out come, and reassured that these direct actions will continue across the state and in Austin. Hanging out with 8,000 or 11,000 (or even if it only had been 100)  of my closest friends was worth it.

It’s about Education, studid! As Texans, we have a right to demand what is right.

Reminder: Houston gets its own rally on the steps of City Hall on Tuesday, March 15. DosCentavos will be there, camera and all! Stay tuned!

Photos:  DCMedia, All Rights Reserved


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