Hunting Mexicans – Talk vs Action

There was a wave of shock at comments made by a right-winger from Missouri about shooting Mexicans like feral hogs–from a helicopter because they’re too chicken to fight face to face–but it seems folks fail to compare that type of hate to what is currently going on in Texas, which is now  sanctioning violent threats against the undocumented.

Texas Ag Commissioner Todd Staples instituted a tax-funded website in which all sorts of racists can voice their bigoted opinions on immigration, immigrants, and Latinos, in general. In fact, most of those commenting on the site promote some sort anti-immigrant commentary and violence toward undocumented people. (Staples said he won’t tolerate hateful comments, which would require an employee to monitor the site–great way to spend those tax dollars, huh?)

Hateful musings and speech are obviously tolerated by the Constitution, and those who enjoy spewing hate continue to vote in those who also speak it as there is a huge epidemic of voter indifference, especially among those being hunted. And that’s why the hate is now becoming law.

The Texas House State Affairs committee just greenlighted a bill that allows law enforcement to hunt Mexicans (HB12) instead of fighting crime.  A Democratic State Rep. attempted to soften the bill so that it didn’t include enforcing immigration at K-12 schools, but Republicans defeated that, too, thus, creating yet another unfunded mandate.

Frankly, I think Democrats should leave the bills, as is, and show the Republicans for what they really are. Only then will the hunted become the hunters–for new elected officials who actually give a damn about human beings and the well-being of our state.